The Best Threesome Positions

We all get bored from time to time in our sex life. It is quite important to vary your sex life from time to time. Some people try Kama Sutra, some go into having some sugar on the side, while others go into swinging. Still, the most popular way to vary your sexual life is having a threesome. And it is quite understandable. If you can easily bare jealousy, it is way easier to have sex with your partner and yours or your partner's friend whom you trust. Trust and the absence of jealousy are the key elements to a successful threesome experience. But you need to learn sex positions that would make your threesome experience unforgettable. Of course, you can always use your imagination, still, we offer you to check out the best positions for you threesome experience. See full article

Male Sexual Issues Too Embarrassing to Talk About

Sex life is an important part of your ego, especially when you are a man. We are not saying that women are immune to sexual issues, but they cope with them less tragic and more open than men. Thanks to the patriarchal upbringing men often consider their sex life, as well as the number of sexual partners, as a kind of achievement. Thus, it makes no surprise that sexual problems can seriously damage your ego. The funniest thing that men can't allow themselves to take their sexual issues seriously, as they are afraid of acknowledging the fact of having problems with sexual life. But sexual issues are dangerous not only to your ego, but can signify serious condition of your health. Thus, as soon as you start experiencing sexual issues, you should consult your doctor immediately. You might be ashamed of talking about your sexual issues now, but a few years from now, you may forget about your sexual life, if you won't get professional help. Here we've collected the sexual issues that men are too embarrassed to talk about. See full article